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Arranged marriage has again become a sizzling topic of discussion when renowned Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor openly talked about his arranged marriage with Mira Rajput.

Without any hesitation, Shahid accepted the fact that he was really looking for someone with whom he can spend his life with. Shahid said, “When I used to come back from work, I used to feel very lonely and wanted someone to share my life with”.

Here is the deal. Most of us are hesitant to accept that we are searching for or need someone to share everything with. If you are thinking about arranged marriage, the first thing you have to do is to accept the same.

Here are few things to help you dealing with ‘looking for someone’ phase of your life.

It does not make you sound desperate

Accepting that you are looking for someone does not make you sound desperate. This feeling is natural and everyone gets this feeling at some point in life. Most of us do not say this frankly due to the anxiety of being judged. Easily accepting the need of finding a soul mate makes it easier for the person to move ahead.

Get over unsuccessful relationships 

Arranged marriage route becomes little difficult for those who had an unsuccessful relationship. Sometimes they feel that because it did not work out arranged marriage is perhaps a compromise. Arranged marriage is not at all a compromise and stop feeling low about it. Most youngsters in India prefer arranged marriage to find a right life partner.

Stop saying ‘NO’

If your parents are asking you to meet someone, stop saying ‘No’ just for the sake of opposing them. There is no harm in meeting someone and giving it a try. You might like each other or end-up being good friends. Not everyone you would meet through your parents is uncool!

Take it as an opportunity

Only when you are open to meeting new people, you would end up meeting new ones and making new contacts at personal as well as professional level. Who knows you could end up meeting someone interesting! In such cases, no one forces you to take the decision and you get your own time to evaluate and decide on your potential partner.

Just come out of the cocoon accept ‘I am looking for a Life Partner’.

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