Safety First

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We care for your safety and security and suggest you follow these simple precautions for an awesome match-finding experience…
Online Communication
-Avoid sharing your personal details including contact number, family details, residential address, office address and number until you trust the person completely
– In case of any indecent behavior or talks, unmatch the person immediately and report the person through the App
-Do not decide to meet a person immediately, take your own time and try to know more about the person 
-Be alert and closely look for odd behavior and over smart acts, do not fall for any kind of pressure 
-When you decide to meet, plan to meet in public places like cafes, restaurants, and malls. Avoid meeting in remote and unknown areas
-Do not ask for a pick-up or drop in the very first meeting 
-If you are meeting alone, share details of the person and place with your close friend or relative
-Ask factual details about profession, education qualification, employment history, etc. to get a clearer idea
-If you are not feeling comfortable during your meeting, conclude the meeting and walk-off 
Have a safe matrimony experience and meet the one you have been looking for…:)

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