Right here, Wrong now

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She: My blood boils when these things happen. Guys never have to face this. Ever.

He: Yes, it’s bad.

She: There is no freedom. We can’t do this, can’t do that.

He: hmmm

She: We are scared of going out. I mean it’s awkward for girls. Guys don’t ever.

He: hmmm

(Brief pause) Waves crashing against the boulders, splintering into droplets looking beautiful against the setting Sun make a beautiful sight. Nariman Point comes alive everyday around this time. The evenings are mostly euphonious, but sometimes soulful too.

She: It could have been me or any of my friends. Or your sister. Cousin, lets say, since you don’t have one.

He: Yea

She: Who has given them the f***ing right anyway?

He: No one

She: These people should be publicly shamed. Actually, they need to be bloody tortured, beaten up and paraded in the city. Yes, that’s what would teach them a lesson.

He: Sure

She: Do something so deterring that no one will ever think of doing so.

She: (Without a pause) Wait! The police is so completely useless. All those who were there should be suspended. And, who is this guy – Inspector, Commissioner whatever. He has the galls to say nothing happened. That’s what feeds into these guys. They know they can get away with anything.

He: Yea

She: This entire system is so goddamn broken! No one cares. There is no one to fix it. Apathetic people.

He: hmmm…

She: If I were in police, I would have publicly lynched them to teach a lesson.

He: That would have been harsh.

She: HARSH?? Had your sister been one of those molested you wouldn’t be saying harsh. Wait! You don’t have one.

He: Yea…

She: We all should be worried. These things happen in Bombay too. Not only in Bangalore.

He: True.

She: We were in college once. Ours was a women’s college. Outside the main gate, there were so many loafers loitering around. Lecherous kinds also. Anyway, one day two guys came for inviting our college to their fest. Dude! Those guys must have known how it feels to be a woman. There were more than hundred girls teasing them and saying all sorts of things. In fact, a few abused them also – they must have been scarred for life, man!

He: Were they the loafer, lecherous kinds?

She: No dude! Decent guys only from a nearby college in South campus only.

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