What parents can’t, App can … Let’s find out how! In conversation with the founding team of Marrily!


If you talk to your parents and ask their story, they will tell you that their match was made by aunts or family friends after exchanging photos and bio-data. Today, talk to a couple and we are sure more than 50% of them would have met online or through matrimony sites. With the increasing penetration of the Internet and now smart phones, anyone in any part of the world is contactable. There are so many social media sites that help people get to know each other even before meeting. In addition to it, dating apps give individuals ample choice in finding a suitable and like-minded partner. We got into conversation with the Founder’s of Marrily, a mobile app based that connects mutually interested people and helps them take the relationship to the next stage. The brainchild of 4 young entrepreneurs Sourabh Varma, Ajay Pandey, Sukamal Pegu and Harsh Vardhan, we bring to you their entrepreneurial story and more about their platform …..(Read more)

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A match made on an algorithm


As for the business opportunity, the logic of establishing Marrily is essentially a study of the Indian marriage market. According to data from Comsats and KPMG, there are about 23 million marriages that happen in Indian annually and about 60 -90 million people who are looking to get married. As compared to the 4% of the marriages that happen through online channels in India the corresponding number in the US in 40% and 35% in China…..(read more)
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[Bootstrap Heroes] After nixing his corporate gifting startup, Marrily Co-founder Sourabh Varma looks to solve marriage woes

The founding team of Marrily

Indians might be obsessed with the idea of celebration, but marriage is still a sensitive topic. More often than not, families first meet to talk out the issue before the prospective bride and groom even get to meet each other. As a result, what follows is the embarrassment of rejecting the prospect….(read more)
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Marrily – Aims to Make Partner Search Easier and Better For Singles

Marrily is currently available for free. It plans to introduce both subscription based plans and a host of services for its users. The services will be available to users when they’re matched with someone and would be aimed at enhancing their experience in partner search….(read more)
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Match Making App Marrily’s Intelligent Matching Algorithm Makes Partner Search Easier !

Marrily, started an year ago, is a mobile app based match finding platform for educated, working and independent singles. Mastering the rudiments of social trust and intelligent matching, it helps singles meet beseemed prospects and take the matter to the next level once both the candidates are absolutely certain….(read more)
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Interview with Harsh Vardhan from Marrily “Online Matchmaking App”

YEF – What inspired you to start your own businesses?

Harsh – Having an urge to create a new value or wide spread implement a created value steers me to working on my idea. Taking forward the startup with pumping in brain and muscles, networking, and a trust in the value that I am creating, opens up a higher taste….(read more)
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Love me Tinder: A sex revolution driven by dating apps

Dating apps are the new Cupids, urging a swipe-happy generation to find love, sex and romance on the move.
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Marrily : A Matchmaking App Which Wants To Rearrange The Arranged Marriages

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