Housewife or Superwoman?

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India’s GDP is under-reported by as much as half. Surprised? Not kidding – it does not include the massive value addition that housewives make to the economy. Isn’t it ironical that ‘Working Woman Preferred’ is one of the most common demands men have when it comes to a choice of life partner? Moreover, housewives are often perceived as uncool, going by their portrayal in popular media and movies.

Well! May be there is a good reason to reason this.

“I’m like any normal housewife. In my free time I teach under-privileged children, I like snorkelling, I visit to an old age home on Sundays, I like playing guitar, I swim to destress myself on days I miss my yoga classes,” said a recent radio ad for a famous newspaper. That is how cool housewives can be and many are.

From dragging her husband for Yoga classes to gently (and sometimes with some ‘persuasion’) encouraging him to take up a hobby, ensuring a Conde Nastesque experience on holidays and be the in-home fashion icon who always knows the best site to spend money on, she practically lays out the good life.

No occasion is better than International Housewife’s Day to acknowledge the Superwoman that she is.

An extraordinary manager who manages everything.  A Florence Nightingale when it comes to looking after her family. A Thomas Keller par excellence. A Google Calendar – boy! Does she not remember every single date that matters? An entertainer, a newspaper. Literally, the CEO that ensures the organization called ‘Life’ moves on smoothly.

Still not convinced? Read on…

The Best Manager

She has everything under control. Imagine – ordering veggies, paying bills, paying more bills, getting on a 30 min call to explain MTNL customer service about a green coloured phone which is out of order and interestingly you can neither make a call nor receive any and yes you have already complained online twice, getting plumber to fix a leaking tap; imagine everything. She does all this with calm and élan. Unflustered with time to dote on everyone.


24 x 7 care taker for anyone who needs her at home. She makes sure you do not turn up with a bad hair day or in grey tie on a white shirt, for the most important monthly presentation with the boss. She ensures you look cool in your snazzy sunglasses even when you have tried everything under your control to forget them at home. She ensures you do not ever have to fish for your wallet and get embarrassed when you take your clients out for a business dinner. In addition, when you’re back from work, she is always there with a warm smile and a big hug. She makes sure you have a warm meal waiting for you after a long day. Doesn’t she know Chinese food upsets you and Thai brings a wide grin?   

Health Manager

Doesn’t she want you to fit into your favourite clothes and look amazing next to her?  What more? Charts out a diet plan for you, enrolls you into a Zumba class and keeps up with your missteps and also gives you a company for a glass of red wine after dinner, giving you updates on what is happening in the family and any news that you might have missed, along with her own special incisive insights!

Google Calendar

She has a magical memory card with unlimited storage capacity. All-important dates are perfectly encoded in her memory. She ensures you never miss wishing a close friend or family on important occasions. You never miss the very important ODI cricket match, receive annoying calls from your cell phone operators saying your monthly payment is overdue or worse and get threats from your power supplier on disconnecting supply for late payments.

Stunned?  Yes, she is all of this and much more. After all, being a Housewife is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So the next time somebody comments that you are ‘just’ a housewife, please do send them this note. After all, you have the most important job of them all. The job to make a home of a house.

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