Registration and Managing Profile

What is Marrily?

Marrily is a matrimony app available on Android phones for Indian Singles. On Marrily, users can find real people who are serious about matrimony.

Am I eligible for using Marrily?

All professional and single women and men above 25 and 27 years respectively can use Marrily.

Where can I install Marrily from?

You can visit Playstore on Google and install the App. Marrily is currently available for all Android phones.

How does Marrily ensure only real people who are serious about marriage are on Marrily?

Marrily uses a three-stage verification to ensure only real people join Marrily. Users can sign up only with Facebook.Thereafter, users are required to provide their mobile number and additionally, before any user can chat with the Match, the user is required to submit a selfie. Selfies are compared with submitted pictures to ensure the profile is of the same person. It may so happen that some users on Marrily are not serious about matrimony. But with crowd-sourced feedback and reporting, Marrily continuously weeds out such profiles.

I cannot log in. Why so?

You should be able to log in as long as you are using updated Facebook credentials. If the problem persists, make sure you have the latest version of Marrily.

Why does Marrily need to access my Facebook account?

You and everyone else would want to meet only real people as against fake ones. Marrily uses Facebook verification as one of the verifications for ensuring the same. Marrily needs to access your Facebook profile details to create your profile on Marrily.

How do I edit my profile?

You can edit profile details such as Profession, Income, About Partner / About Me, Lifestyle, etc. details by simply changing the details and saving the same. However, certain details like Name, Education, Gender and DoB can be changed on your Facebook profile only. Post which you can log back in on Marrily to effect these changes. Also, certain details – Religion, Mother Tongue, Home State, Marital Status cannot be edited.

How do I add or change profile photo?

You can add up to six (6) pictures. Changing a picture requires you to delete an existing picture and adding a new one. You have the option of adding pictures from your phone gallery or Facebook pictures from any album.

Can I deactivate my account?

Sure, if you do not wish to use your Marrily account for some time you can temporarily deactivate your account. Deactivating your account will retain your existing profile, match details or any information associated with your profile. You can activate your profile anytime after simply logging in.

How do I delete my account?

Deleting your account will permanently erase your matches, messages and all other information associated with your account. Bear in mind, if you log in again after deleting your account, you will need to create a new account by filling in all relevant details.

Finding Matches

How do I meet people on Marrily?

Marrily makes it absolutely easier for you to find matches. Once you join Marrily, it suggests awesome profiles basis your own attributes and your partner preferences. You have the option to “Like” or “Reject” profiles. When there is a mutual “Like” you will be Matched. On Marrily you are saved from searching profiles and expressing interests or getting unsolicited ones.

How does Marrily decide who to suggest?

Marrily uses various user attributes such as Age, Gender, Education, Profession, Home State, Mother Tongue, Religion, Sect or Varna, Income, etc. to suggest matches. It also keeps learning from user’s preferences to keep bettering suggestions.

How does selecting Partner Criteria help?

Setting partner criteria helps us refine profile suggestions for you.

When I “Like” or “Reject” someone, do they get notified?

When you Reject someone it is not shared with that person. But when you Like someone the other person gets notified and can view your profile to either Like or Reject.

I accidentally rejected someone, can I get them back?

We are working on making this feature available to you. Shortly you will be able to change it to “Like” if you have accidentally rejected.

Can I “Like” or “Reject” later and skip to the next profile?

Yes. There is an amazing feature wherein you can choose to “Hold” a profile and at a later point in time “Like” or “Reject” the same.

What if I need additional information on someone?

Probably, Marrily is the only App in the world that lets you request for more information. Say, you wish to view more pictures of that person or need more details on profession you can request for the same. That profile will be on “Hold”. When that person updates relevant information, Marrily will automatically notify you.

One of my Matches disappeared. What could be the reason?

It sounds like that person either unmatched you or deleted their account. Try logging out and back in just to be sure. To do so, go to Settings, scroll down, hit log out, and log back in.

I don’t have any Matches. Why so?

Keep using Marrily on a regularly basis and you will surely find Matches.

Chatting and more with Matches

What happens after I am matched with someone?

Marrily connects you with your Match over in-app Chat. You can then chat with your Match to discover mutual compatibility.

Can Marrily help in setting up meetings with my Match?

In fact, Marrily encourages you to meet in public places once you have become comfortable with your Match. If you are interested in meeting with your Match over a coffee, you have the option of indicating the same. Marrily will, on your behalf, check with your Match and set up a meeting.

Are these meetings safe?

Marrily issues advisory on where you can meet and gives you the provision to report any untoward incidents to your Relationship Advisor on Marrily.

My messages are not going through. What could be wrong?

Please make sure you have a fast internet connection. You can also try closing the app. If the issue persists, please wait a few mins and try again.

I don’t hear back from my matches, why so?

This may happen that sometime Matches take longer to revert. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with your Matches on the contact number shared with you.

What happens after I unmatch someone?

Upon un-matching the person is removed from your match list on Marrily and all previous chats are erased.

How do I report someone?

After every profile that you unmatch, you have the provision to report that user. We encourage you to use this facility as this helps in ensuring only serious people are on the platform.

What should I do when someone does not sound serious about marriage?

We encourage you to report such users. This helps in bettering user experience for not only you but for everyone else.

Payments and mCoins

What are mCoins?

mCoins are used for accessing new matches in Marrily. On sign up, you will be awarded mCoins as joining bonus, using which you can access your quota of initial matches. Once these are over, you can purchase new mCoins to access new matches.

How can I make payment for purchasing mCoins pack?

Marrily offers multiple methods to make payments for purchasing mCoins: Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking. All Credit/Debit card details remain confidential and private. Marrily and our trusted payment gateways use SSL encryption technology to protect your card information.

Can I cancel my mCoins and claim refund?

Yes, you can cancel and claim your refunds. Based on the usage, your refund will be processed. Refund will typically take 1 week to 21 days depending upon the settlement between payment gateway and your bank.

Can I claim refund for Bonus mCoins?
You can claim refund only for mCoins you have purchased.