Couple of the month Nikita and Rohit

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Introducing our couple of the month – Rohit and Nikita. Charming and beautiful Nikita fell in love with the dependable and determined Rohit. Their story unfolded quite romantically.


Rohit started it with ‘Are you there?’ and their endless chats soon converted into long phone calls. They spent the initial few weeks trying to understand each other, guessing each other’s reaction to everything and following each other on social media. Before they even met, they had already spoken to each other for so long that they were quite familiar with each other. “Once, Rohit called me after he reached home. It was 7ish. We got chatting but soon after my phone ran out of charge and I started looking for a plug point. Cursorily, I glanced at the clock in my room and was stunned to see it was 1 in the night, an ebullient Nikita recalls. “Somewhere inside us we knew that we have started liking each other but were still in denial,” says Nikita. “Finally we decided to watch a movie together and had no idea it will turn out to be our first date,” Nikita continued.

“After the movie, he took me out for dinner, we had a great time together and when we were just about to leave I started feeling sick with a bad stomach ache. I felt restless. But Rohit did every possible thing to make me feel better,” said Nikita. ‘Something more romantic was still left for the day, we went for a long drive and he stopped a car on the road and asked me to step out and before I could understand what is going on, he proposed me with a bouquet of red roses,’ she continued.

“I was nervous, happy and speechless, all at the same time but couldn’t stop myself from saying YES”.


When asked about how they deal with their differences, Rohit gave an interesting answer. “I am short tempered but Nikita somehow finds a way to deal with it.” “But when she is really mad at me I make sure I do very simple things that she likes. I play her favourite song in the morning and keep sending her our crazy pictures on Whatsapp.” And finally she replies with a “are you done with your drama?” added Rohit.

Cheers to romance and togetherness and more madness ahead. Have a great life Rohit and Nikita.

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