Couple of the month Gulsher and Chandrika

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Introducing Chandrika and Gulsher, our couple of the month. Studied abroad, super articulate communications professional Chandrika fell in love with Gulsher, a technocrat with an army-boy swag. Their story unfolded quite interestingly.

What began with something simple soon became endless chats, harmless fights and dollops of romance.

Gulsher was the one who initiated it with a “Hi!”. “Something simple, not deliberately trying to be funny”, chuckles Chandrika. The first week went by in knowing a bit about each other such as individual likes, opinions, career goals and the works. Next they exchanged numbers and were soon checking Whatsapp alerts every few minutes immersed in a feeling only people who have been in love know. Finally, like after a week, they decided to meet for coffee.


“That night, when Gulsher came to drop me home after our first date, we took a walk around my building. I knew by then that he is the one for me”, quips Chandrika. “Initially, we were both a little intimidated by the other because we thought we were both out of each other’s league. I am no longer intimidated by Gulsher but I think he is still a little scared of me, just the way I like it :)”.

“With Chandrika, everything just felt right and slowly we became an important part of each other’s life and fell in love seamlessly” (seamlessly?? told ya, Gulsher is a technocrat) is how Gulsher looks at their courtship.


Both agree that small fights and silly arguments have become a part of their lives but they manage to sort it out.

When asked about one incident that fortified their respect for each other Chandrika had an interesting one. “I remember that was a Monday; I was really unwell and my uncle had planned to visit us. I was unable to do anything but Gulsher not only took care of me but also hosted him with a wide grin forever playing across his face. He managed everything so amazingly well and in the back of my mind, I was thinking that I was absolutely right about my Mr. Right”.

Cheers to the mischief and madness ahead and proud to be associated with Chandrika and Gulsher – Team Marrily

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