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Introducing Amit and Neema, our couple of the month. Beautiful, cute and loving Neema fell in love with Amit’s simplicity at first sight. Their story began quite romantically.

Something that started with just showing interest in each other’s profile soon took shape of romance brewing over endless chats and adorable fights.

Amit was the one who started it with a ‘Hi’  followed by mention of their common interest.  

“Finally after few weeks I decided to take it forward and fixed the date for our first meeting at Marine Drive,” said Amit. ‘Weather was quite romantic as the monsoon was about to descend, we kept talking as if we knew each other since we were children. Suddenly it started drizzling and that moment was enough for us to realise that something is definitely there between the two of us. We didn’t need a proposal to understand that this is something we were looking for,’ Amit continued. 

Amit Neema Marrily Couple on Marine drive

“After we started meeting regularly, we made a random plan of meeting and spending some time with each other on a weekend. I went to meet and I was wearing my off shoulder top, Amit did not like it and suddenly he ripped his shirt off and turned it into off shoulder. That was a real ROFL moment for me, said Neema while sharing her funniest experience

When asked, what makes you both a rocking couple, to which Neema answered, “We are proud of each other”.
When asked about how they deal with each other’s differences, Amit said, “We listen to each other, we do not have any hidden or unaddressed issues. And when you decide to accept the other person, these small differences don’t matter.” 

Amit proposing Neema

“We both believe that ‘Trust’ is the only thing that will help us live a happy and healthy life together. So trusting and supporting each other in every situation is the only definition of ‘And they lived happily ever after’, said Amit.” 

Cheers to their attachment, love and more romance ahead. Keep the romance alive forever.

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