How to avoid matrimony meeting disasters

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“I chatted with Kartik for about 3-4 days over the app. Our conversations were mostly about our hobbies, expectations from a life partner and life goals. Kartik had been insisting for a meeting and I had agreed reluctantly; we decided on a CCD in South Mumbai for the catch up. Initially the conversation was about casual stuff. Then, out of nowhere he asked me about my views on live-in and open relationships, stating that he prefers such arrangements over a traditional marriage. I am in no means a prude, but I had clearly indicated in our chats that I am looking for a serious commitment and not in the market for anything else.
Looks like Kartik had other plans and when I reminded him of those chats, he laughed and said that I needed to loosen up a bit. The very next moment, he got up from across the table and came to sit next to me. I felt really uncomfortable and honestly too exhausted to continue this conversation anymore. I stood up, told Kartik that the meeting was over and simply walked out” shared Priti, 29-year-old fashion designer.
Sounds like a horror story? While it is always exciting to meet a potential match in person, we need to follow certain guidelines to ensure that our love story doesn’t turn into a horror story due to mismatched expectations or worse, fraudulent claims.
Marrily cares for your safety and security and suggests you follow these simple precautions for an awesome match-finding experience.
Online Communication
  • Avoid sharing your personal details including contact number, family details, residential address, office address and number till you have have some built some amount of trust based on tangible and verifiable claims
  • In case of any indecent behavior or talks, UNMATCH the person immediately and report the person through the app
  • Do not decide to meet a person immediately, take your own time and try to know more about the person’s expectations and if they match your expectations
  • Be alert and closely look for odd behavior and pressure tactics such as asking for intimate pictures, constantly asking for offline meetings etc.
  • Avoid accepting ‘Friend requests’ on social networks from a match. If things don’t work out, it will become awkward and also you reduce your chances of online stalking and harassment
  • When you decide to meet, plan to meet in public places like cafes, restaurants, and malls. Avoid meeting in remote and unknown areas
  • Do not ask for a pick-up or drop in the very first meeting
  • If you are meeting alone, share details of the person and place with your close friend or relative
  • Ask for factual details about profession, education qualification, employment history, etc. to get a clearer picture of your match
  • If you are not feeling comfortable during your meeting, conclude the meeting and walk-off

While we can’t guarantee a happy ending from these guidelines, we can at least ensure that you will keep yourself safe from unwanted experiences.

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