Ab Dangal Hoga!

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Why would someone be not proud of one’s success? Why would someone apologize for meeting the state’s CM? Why would someone face such harsh criticism for giving the best shot? Is it even about just anyone or about being a woman?

A 16-year-old actress Zaira Wasim stirred the conscience of our nation after her apology through a Facebook post. An actress who played young Geeta Phogat in Dangal won hearts of millions with her glorious performance. She wrestled like a storm against male wrestlers, decades of patriarchy and everyone who downgraded the power of women. 

Isn’t it unfortunate that the young actress who is trying to build her career and has already inspired millions of girls as a role model has to apologize? The actress, who has all the potential of becoming a distinguished actress, says she is not proud of her own success.  Zaira in her FB post says,

Zaira Apology

Just imagine how difficult it can be for a 16 year old to deal with comments full of hatred.


All this hatred is coming from our so-called SOCIETY, the society we live in, the society that talks about equality, the society that talks about equal rights and duties. If this is what our society is giving back to a 16 year old girl, then it is worth taking a hard look at it.

There is still confusion on Zaira’s open apology letter; nobody actually knows what made her do it? But if this hatred stops Zaira from building her career as an actress, then it will be a real loss for Dangal in spite of it being the largest grossing movie.

This is really the time for the nation that upholds equality to fight back and provide solidarity. As Zaira herself said, “Bohot ho gayi pehelwani, ab Dangal hoga….” 


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