8 Characters you see at every Indian Wedding

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Though the bride and groom are the main attractions of the wedding ceremony, this Big Day is not so fun without some special characters. These distinctive people bring the charm in the function and make the wedding tales memorable.

Every baraat has at least one Naagin dance performer who showcases his/her flexible body and makes baraatis go crazy.


This overfriendly relative who says ‘Hello’ with a broad smile and puts you in an awkward situation by asking Beta Pehchana??? Last time I saw you, you were this tall (proceeds to indicate 2 ft height with his hands).


This aunty will check-out everyone single woman entering the marriage hall and greets everyone with a fake smile. In back of her mind she is judging you badly. OMG! Such a Gaudy colour.. Didn’t she wear the same dress last month at Mrs. Sharma’s daughter’s wedding?


Some forever Bhukkads who are ready to accompany anyone and everyone to the buffet.


This Sanskari Babu who will ask you ‘Beta Kab Plan Kar Rahe ho khud Shaadi kerne ke liye?’ Dekho kuch cheeze time pe ho jaye toh acha hota hain…


Drunk Mausaji who had one too many pegs of whisky and looking for someone to tell his life story, history and experiences.


A matchmaker aunty who will scan you from top to bottom think about all the suitable rishtas right from ‘Gogi aunty ki beti Kuki’ to ‘Lovely uncle ka beta Jaspreet’.


And some crazy photo opportunists who are attending the wedding just to see themselves in a wedding album.


Indian weddings are not the same without these stereotypical fun characters.

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